"Technical" range

2 - 4 HP 


TECHNICAL RANGE is the compressor range which has been designed and created for professional use of compressed air, for which attention has been given to the finest details, which is enriched with technical solutions that simplify its use, protect its structure, make it easily transportable and guarantee total long-term reliability.

The range includes single cylinder coaxial compressors and one stage two cylinder belt driven compressors.

Strength points:

  • Extremely reliable pump with cast iron cylinder. Wide finned surfaces for a better cooling. Oversized crank case that guarantees an excellent lubrication.
  • Solid one-piece handle, fixed and skewed for an easier transportation.

  • Oversized manometers placed on the compressor in order to guarantee an easy reading.
  • More ergonomic pressure reducer knobs equipped by an innovative “snap” adjustment mechanism.
  • Oversized strong wheels that guarantee high stability and easier transportation.
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of accessories and pneumatic tools.