Petrol engine compressors

5.5 - 6.6 HP 


Petrol engine compressors with HONDA APPROVED APPLICATION which complies with the strictest emissions standards.
The combination of a powerful and reliable group with a reserve of air makes this compressor suitable for all pneumatic accessories that require high air consumption.

  • Oversized pressure regulator with dual compressed air output;

  • Outfitting with 270, 200, 100, 10+10 litre tank;

  • The double handle and semi-pneumatic wheels allow transport over any type of terrain;

  • Supplementary roll bar for lifting with hoists or freight lift;

  • Sturdy metal belt-guard to protect all moving parts;

  • The semi-pneumatic wheels will neither deflate nor puncture;

Also available with diesel engines, with high performances motors, low power consumption and long service life.