MedicAir is a range of piston compressors specifically designed and produced for medical and dental use. 
They have been designed to grant the best performance, trouble-free operation, long life and, of course, the oil-free, dry compressed air required by the dentist or the dental technician.

The MedicAir compressors are available in different configurations:
- Dr. SONIC series: with the lowest noise ratio on the market, thanks to a special shroud filled with soundproofing material, with internal cooling fan. These models can be equipped with the exclusive double or single-tower adsorbption dryer.
- MED series: made with the same high-quality components of the Dr Sonic range, but without shroud.

Main features:
    ▪    100% oil-free compressed air, to supply up to 8 dental units;
    ▪    Air receiver with inner anti-oxidant coating.
    ▪    Very silent.
    ▪    Compact design.

Dr. SONIC and MED top-series are completed with AirLab and SilDry range: specifically designed for “budget” applications for dental laboratories and other para-medical applications.