Compressor pumps


THE COMPRESSOR PUMP is the core of a compressor; that’s why all NU AIR pumps are designed and realized to ensure high performances, efficiency and reliability over the time.

NU AIR pumps points of strength are many: 

  • Inter and aftercoolers that ensure an effective cooling of the incoming air;

  • oversized oil crank case for a better lubrication;

  • shafts in spheroidal cast iron;

  • conneting rods with special long-lasting treatment;

  • multi blade flywheels for a better cooling of the pump;

  • finger valves in special steel.

In particular NU AIR pumps, thanks to a qualified and consolidated experience of more than twentyfive years of design and research, adopt particular constructive solutions and innovative materials at low friction coefficient and great resistance to usage, guaranteeing long lasting and good functioning machines. The Nu Air pumps range is enriched by the two stage pump which
are characterised by a high level of efficiency and reliability and a long durable life.